CSS Tertis


Okay, this is not anything closely relevant to viola playing, but rather my web developer's nature cannot help replicating in the web anything that appeals to me.

Although, there was a bit of background that is relevant to viola playing. So, Vaughan Williams is an English composer who composed pieces with prominent viola presence that triggered my interest. I'm starting to read his Six Studies in English Folk Songs. The more I hear his pieces, the more or so I thought,

Man, he must have loved the viola.

A curious conversation with my teacher pointed out that the two early virtuosic viola players, Tertis and Primrose, were both English. In particular, Tertis contributed to the design of the instrument to have more powerful sound, and such genre of violas are referred to as the (Richardson-)Tertis Viola (see bottom section for reference).

And then, on Tertis' Wikipedia page I saw this:

Here's where my web developer's nature cannot help itself, I'm gonna CSS this, and so I did.

Original plaque courtesy of English Heritage, font Pompei of onlinewebfonts, so on and so forth.


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