BBC Radio 3


Cover credit: BBC Radio 3

a.k.a. how a web developer gets distracted by the most technology-infused radio station.

Conversation replay:

Wei: "Hey XXX, where did you listen to the Moonlight Sonata that you tweeted about?"

XXX: "Around that tweet, I listened to this one (no longer available btw). btw live radio of classical music from BBC Radio 3 ;) I've been a royal listener of BBC Radios since 2011."

(opens BBC Channel 3)
"OMG their website is so cool!"

XXX reacts by adding the :sweat-smile: emoji

(opens inspector)
"Ok a React app (why am I not surprised)... That feature to sync latest 4 tracks is so useful, how is it implemented?"
(opens network tab on the inspector)
"Hmm, it doesn't look like it's the heartbeat calls, but how can they do it otherwise? Oh wait it is heartbeat calls, ok mystery solved."

(turns back to XXX)
"they have this most recent tracks feature on their website, so useful!"

XXX: "they have a last fm that list down the songs that they play "

Wei: ":orz: :orz: :orz:"

XXX: "BBC tech is amazingly modern you know :laughcrywithopeneyes:"

Wei: (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ completely distracted at this point) get the point. Anyway, ever since then, I've also developed loyal fanship to Queen's classical radio, simply because they're so darn amazing. Apart from being incredibly technically infused and shipping products with precisely the features and user interactions I expect, I also love how they group together this crew of tasteful hosts on classical music.

Today, for instance, Martin Handley presents a set of viola works from John Downland, Ryan Wigglesworth, and Brahms. I also love how he goes "today we'll hear Brahms, but before that Ryan Wiggleswort, but first John Downland..." exactly in order... reversed 😅