n. /ˈwɪʃ lɪst/
A stream of music that speaks to me, accented by wip attempts to own them.

JS Bach

  • G Major Cello Suite


    First time playing something I knew before picking up the viola :)

  • C Major Cello Suite
  • Cello Suite
  • Violin Suite

Franz Schubert

“Schubert always wins.”

  • Arpeggione Sonata
  • “Death and the Maiden” Quartet

Vaughan Williams

Vaughan Williams gives the viola a prominent presence in his orchestral works. Like Bartók, he has also travelled miles to collect folk tunes and shares with us in his music.

  • Fantasia on Greensleeves

  • Six Studies in English Folksong

  • Suite for Viola - Group 1
  • Suite for Viola - Group 3


  • Élégie
  • Berceuse from Dolly Suite (?violin)
  • Après un rêve
  • Sicilienne


  • F Minor Sonata, Op.120 No.1
  • E-Flat Major Sonata, Op.120 No.2


Dvořák has travelled far, seen lots, and missed home. He has given us many beautiful works to crunch some similar emotions with.

  • “American” Quartet
  • Terzetto in C


  • Kol Nidrei
  • Romance for Viola and Piano
  • Violin Concerto


Telemann wrote the first viola concerto we know. His solo sets are fun reads too.

  • Viola Concerto in G

    My first repertoire piece. I sounded terrible converting from the violin, and after so many years of not playing, but I really enjoyed playing it.

  • 12 Fantasias for Solo Violin, TWV 40:14-25

    The Library@Esplanade has the 2nd book of Telemann's violin fantasias. It's a nice read for me as a closet violist.

  • 12 Fantasias for Viola da Gamba, TWV 40:26–37


  • Stamitz Viola Concerto
  • Shostakovich Impromptu
  • Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet (arranged by Borisovsky for viola)
  • Alan Hovhaness “Chahagir”
  • Handel Halvorsen Sarabande and Passacaglia
  • Tchaikovsky Rococo Variations
  • Girl with Flaxen Hair
  • Hans Sitt Album Leaves

    Sweet and nostalgia piece


If I retire from software engineering, I might want to play the viola. And in my spare time, I can play the violin then.

  • Estreilla
  • Ysaÿe's sonatas
  • Wieniawski's etudes